Confused Bride. 

The last time i blogged was when it was 92 days away and now its only 69! 

Initially i wanted to do the #100daystoWTB tag but tk jadi because 1. I forgot to post. 2. My life revolves around work and OT so there’s nothing exciting that i did for the past few days. My boss even told me, i have a hunch that you’ll be leaving us after this audit and after your marriage. Hmmmmm….. Idea bernas tu. Penat balik rumah 12 malam hari hari. But only time will tell. 

The nearer I am to my marriage, the more my mom opened up about her marriage with Ayah and all her struggles that they had to face until this day really made me respect them a whole lot more. 

It is never going to be easy. Its alot of hardwork, dedication and patience. Ibu always say, as a wife as a woman, patience is really important. Something that younger people (me) lack of. She always ask me if im ready and/or telling me that i have to be a certain way, do things a certain way and be skillful in all things. Not because of the stereotypical kampong thinking of all women should be in the kitchen. She wants me to be independent and not be dependable on the husband a 100%. She too mentioned that anything can happen. Absolutely anything and the dugaan during marriage is 10 times worst than being engaged. Its good to be able to stand on your own 2 feet and support yourself when things turn sour.

Its not a lie that guys look at other girls. Everyone knows that. Its also no lie that girls too look at other guys. Tipu la kalau ada yg tk setuju. Tepuk dada tanya hati. Terus terang cakap, i also do look at other guys and abang knows it too. Hence, ibu also always pesan to always cantikkan diri and before you put on your make up or anything always niat that im doing this for the eyes of my husband. Cantik untuk suami, “ikat” suami dengan kecantikkan diri. Always remind me to shave, to put on bedak, to always buy baju baru especially undergarments. Tkkn nk kasi suami tengok kiter pakai coli seluar dalam yg koyak koyak. Dorg pun tknk tengok. Malu la. 

Before this, whenever she gave me advices about marriage, i brushed them off, thinking that it wont happen to me becauee you know she got married in 1992. Now 2017, times have change. Hahahahahhaha. But no. Times may have changed, but human nature still stays the same. She put the importance of the role of a wife behind close doors. To her, if Im a certain way and very pleasing to the husband there is no way the husband would find someone else because there is no one else who is going to please him like me. *snaps snaps* 

Also she placed an importance to jaga pakaian and image the husband. Kalau baju koyak, jahitkan. Undies longgar, belikan. Baju ronyok, gosokkan. Its a tough job being a wife. Of course people can say that nowadays women are career driven, they work 9hrs everyday no time to entertain the husband whims and rants. Husbands also have 2 hands and 2 feet, boleh buat sendiri ape. Yes memang, tapi kalau gitu kenapa kahwin eh. 

Things will never be the same after marriage. There will be no night routines of watching youtube vlogs, or stalking people on facebook or twitter. No more late night suppers. More dishes to wash. More cooking and cleaning to do. 

My thoughts are all over the place right now. Thinking about the kind of wife I need to be for the husband. How I should plan my day to make time for cooking and cleaning. To spend quiet time with the husband. The kind of wife that will reflect the kind of husband that I have. Thoughtful, kind and sweet. The kind of wife who knows the likes and dislikes of the husband behind close doors and to be able to recite it like a broken recorder. The types of under clothig he’ll like on me. 

At the end of the day, its my duty to ta’at to the husband. Not as a slave, but as a partner. He is my Imam and he was chosen to guide me to Heaven and I am to assist him so that our journey will be smooth. He is answerable for my sins, and ill be really guilty if we went to Hell because of me. Haha. 

Treat him like a king, he’ll treat you like a queen. 


Hehehe yes. 

We’re double-digiting now! 

Time indeed flew very fast. Actually not really lol. Im just toooooo caught up with my audits that i literally pushed all my wedding preparations aside. Luckily i wrote in my calendar the important wedding errands dates. Kalau tk, tk kehabisan aku ni ya Allah *stress 

I finally took the courage to apply for time off (whole day since the company owes me days of it) and went to settle many wedding things. 

We did our ROMM in the morning right at 825 am we sampai. Haha. I thought we’re like the only kiasu one sekali tkla. Haha ada ramai lagi yg lagi kiasu. Also saw 2 couples in their wedding outfits with their kuncu kuncu all. So cute! Hehehe. Pengantin lama, bapak say. 

It was a smooth process, and we knew wont be tested about surah and rukun Islam cos we’re in Singapore, guys not Msia. Lain regulations nya. Dont scare yourself. Lol. It was short, maybe about 30 mins or so including meeting the Ustaz. Was disappointed tho, cos his room wasnt what i had in mind. HAHAHA. BUT HE WAS SCARY OK. TAKUT I. Keluar bilik je si Abam ni ketawa kan sebab he say my face looks scared. I am ok honestly. The way he spoke and his tone mcm ,”you better not play play ah, this one serious ah. Dont you dare joke with me.” He asked, if Abam and I are anyway connected by blood, are we forced to be married, are we spouses of someone else. Is this our first marriage. Simple simple. Then we have to raise our hand to angkat sumpah then finish! 

Process dia actually mcm ni 

  1. Bismillah 
  2. Take no. and wait for no. 
  3. Abam and I went to the counter to verify wedding details. We brought along our pre marriage course certs in case they asked for it and they did! So be safe and just bring. Bring along Wali’s ID also to the counter.
  4. Then wait again for the same no. to meet the ustaz. 
  5. No. called and Wali masuk first. MUST JOKE WITH WALI first tell him ustaz is going to test him on surahs. Look at his reaction and laugh. HAHA. 
  6. Wait for wali
  7. Wali come out, couple go in. 
  8. Bismillah first (nervous
  9. Assalamualaim Ustaz, then go in. 
  10. Ustaz qns qns. 
  11. Angkat sumpah
  12. Settle! 
  13. Mandatory – Take picture at the heartshape pelamin.



Belum eh. 

After ROMM, met Ibu at KKH for her follow up appointment, alhamdulillah all is okay and she got extended hospitalisation leave which she is super excited about because it means more cleaning and clearing junk at the house. 

After that we went to Northpoint for lunch since we’ll be meeting our bridal around there too. 

Gedebak gedebuk 

Jumpa bridal 245pm when the appointment was at 2.

Marah Abg Remy kiter. Heheheee. 🙊

It was a very fast game cos luckily i had some of their baju in mind that i wanted to wear. And this Remy so nice and so kind and so best he opened his new collection to me and i got to wear 2 baju from his new collection! All mother and father approved and abang also. Haha. Yey. Though i do feel guilty for being late and having him to push his next appointment later. Like ya Allah, berkatilah Signature ni hahaha.

In total ill be having 6 baju. 2 for sanding and 4 for my shoot, 1 for outdoor and the other 3 for indoor. Super excited!!!!!! Call me crazy but ive already nicknamed the bajus. My favourite is this jawa themed that i kindda forced abang to pakai also hahahahaha. I also got to wear my sanggul lintang wei! DOUBLE THE EXCITEMENT!!!!! Since my baju traditional is very tradi with the shoulder embelishment and of all colors this girl chose an olive green 2-piece songket ala ala kuning keramat diraja gitu. And amazingly, abg’s baju was as nice too. No necklace and belt thing that he hates so much. 

Planned the itinerary too with Remy and the hours for make up and video. Who’s my MUA im not so sure since mummy pulak tk kasi Abg Remy buat kan. That shall be my to-do tmr. To ask him about his other MUAs. 

 So we are now left with:

  • Collating addresses + start sending cards out
  • Meet caterer 
  • Finish buying Abg hantaran
  • Get my shoes!  
  • Finalise flower bouquets 
  • Finalise bedroom deco 
  • Finalise void deck deco 
  • Get a substitute handbag for hantaran 
  • Get corset (dk where to buy!)
  • Lose at least 5 kg at the right places. Esp the hips and arms pls eh. Your shoulders makin broad by the day. 
  • Meet bridesmaids for allocation of duties 
  • Pass my audit phase (!!!) 
  • Apply leave for dental, wedding and honeymoon (lol)